Computational Biology


Computational biology is a diverse field and as with all computational science uses data-analytical and theoretical methods to model behavioural, biological and social systems. The utility of this approach is exemplified by the Human Genome Project which seeks to sequence the entire genome into a single set of data. Computational biology is also sometimes called bioinformatics and is a particular area of strength at Walailak University. The areas of computational biology covered include but are not limited to computational biomodelling, genomics and evolutionary biology. To prepare students for work in these areas of research students have a diverse study plan with a typical example detailed below.

Computational Biology
Computational Biology
Computational Biology Core
BIO-203Principles of Biostatistics
BIO-212Microbiology Laboratory
BIO-250Principles of Ecology
BIO-270Cell Biology
BIO-300Form and Function of Organisms
BIO-322Genetics Laboratory
BIO-323Molecular Genetics
BIO-350Evolutionary Biology
BIO-360Systematics and Biodiversity
CHM-111Organic Chemistry
CHM-251Principles of Biochemistry
CHM-252Principles of Biochemistry Laboratory
COS-336Introduction to Ecological Modeling
COS-337Bioinformatic Tools and Programming
COS-338Introduction to Bioinformatics
Computational Biology Selective (2 Courses or more)
BIO-251Aquatic Ecology
BIO-252Marine Ecology
BIO-272Plant Molecular Biology
BIO-351Behavioral Ecology
BIO-352Population Genetics
BIO-353Molecular Evolution
BIO-489Selected Topics in Biology
COS-202Programming II
COS-324Geographic Information Systems Programming
COS-332Environmental and Ecological Changes Modeling
COS-333Conservation Biology Modeling
COS-430Selected Topics in Computational Biology
COS-431Selected Topics in Advanced Bioinformatics
COS-432Systems Biology and Biological Networks
COS-433Biological Database in Bioinformatics
MAC-310Combinatorics and its Applications
MAC-311Graph Theory and its Applications
MAC-347Introduction to Time Series Analysis
MAC-351Numerical Methods for ODE
MAC-450Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods
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