Computational Chemistry


The curriculum is based on a four year program of Computational chemistry is amongst the most well developed forms of computational science. It is concerned with calculating the structures and properties of molecules and more extensive network solids, for instance metal oxides. Computational chemistry is built on theoretical chemistry and uses purposed designed computer programs to do the calculations. It is often a supplementary technique used to better understand the results from real chemical experimentation. The technique is widely used by the pharmaceutical and technological industry as they seek to develop new medicines and materials, respectively. Researchers at Walailak University are working in both these areas and this diversity is reflected in the rigorous study plan for students.

Computational Chemistry
Computational Chemistry Core
CHM-212Principles of Organic Chemistry I
CHM-213Principles of Organic Chemistry II
CHM-222Principles of Inorganic Chemistry I
CHM-223Principles of Inorganic Chemistry II
CHM-245Principles of Analytical Chemistry I
CHM-246Principles of Analytical Chemistry II
CHM-251Principles of Biochemistry
CHM-252Principles of Biochemistry Laboratory
CHM-330Physical Chemistry I
CHM-331Physical Chemistry II
CHM-340Spectroscopy for Inorganic and Organic Compounds
COS-340Basic Molecular Modeling for Chemists
COS-341Basic Molecular Simulation for Chemists
COS-343Computational Chemistry for Molecular Spectroscopy
Computational Chemistry Selective (Choose 3 Courses or more)
CHM-310Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHM-311Organic Chemistry Synthesis
CHM-320Advanced Characterization Methods for Inorganic Compounds
CHM-321Basic Concepts of Organometallic Chemistry
CHM-360Selected Topics in Computational Chemistry
CHM-361Selected Topics in Organic Chemistry
CHM-362Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
CHM-363Selected Topics in Physical Chemistry
CHM-364Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry
CHM-365Selected Topics in Biochemistry
COS-344Introduction to Molecular Design
COS-345Atomic and Molecular Modeling for Education I
COS-346Atomic and Molecular Modeling for Education II
COS-350Research Training
MAC-350Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
MAC-351Numerical Methods for ODE
MAC-352Introduction to Numerical Methods for PDE
MAC-353Introduction to Numerical Optimization
MAC-450Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods
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