Computational Mathematics


Mathematics remains at the heart of computational science. In this discipline mathematical problems are solved using computer simulation rather than the analytical methods employed in applied mathematics. The ability to model large amounts of data makes computational mathematics an ideal tool in the simulation of financial and economic trends and solution of engineering problems. Walailak University has a particular focus of the former of these and as with all computational studies research is based on sound real world data. Students studying in this major are expected to have a sound grasp of algorithms, numerical and symbolic methods.

Computational Mathematics Core
MAC-103Calculus for Approximations
MAC-200Vector Calculus
MAC-201Advanced Calculus
MAC-210Principles of Mathematics I
MAC-211Principles of Mathematics II
MAC-212Discrete Mathematics and its Applications
MAC-220Linear Algebra I
MAC-242Data Analysis
MAC-320Abstract Algebra I
MAC-330Real Analysis I
MAC-331Complex Analysis
MAC-350Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
MAC-351Numerical Methods for ODE
MAC-352Introduction to Numerical Methods for PDE
MAC-353Introduction to Numerical Optimization
Computational Mathematics
Computational Mathematics
Computational Mathematics
Computational Mathematics Selective (6 Courses or more)
COS-301Theory of Computation MAC-345Stochastic Process and its Applications
COS-400Introduction to Parallel ComputingMAC-346Introduction to Financial Mathematics
COS-401Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks MAC-347Introduction to Time Series Analysis
COS-402Selected Topics in Advanced Computer GraphicsMAC-348Sampling Techniques
MAC-310Combinatorics and its ApplicationsMAC-390Introduction to Operation Research
MAC-311Graph Theory and its ApplicationsMAC-391Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
MAC-313Fuzzy LogicMAC-392Introduction to Mathematical Fluid Mechanics
MAC-324Number Theory and its ApplicationsMAC-393Optimization Theory and its Applications
MAC-325Coding Theory and its ApplicationsMAC-430Topology
MAC-332Real Analysis IIMAC-431Introduction to Linear Functional Analysis
MAC-333Real Analysis IIIMAC-440Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations
MAC-334Introduction to Measure and Integration TheoryMAC-441Design and Analysis of Experiment II
MAC-340Mathematical StatisticsMAC-450Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods
MAC-341Regression Analysis MAC-451Introduction to Finite Element Methods
MAC-342Design and Analysis of Experiment I MAC-452Introduction to Finite Volume Methods
MAC-343Introduction to Multivariate AnalysisMAC-453Introduction to Boundary Element Methods
MAC-344Probability Theory and its Applications
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