DPST centers have been set up across all regions of Thailand, with two schools in the northern region, two schools in the northeast region, two schools in the southern region, and four schools in the central region. Each school center has a university partner.

Walailak University is one of only 2 universities in southern Thailand to have such a centre and the University awards 14 DPST scholarships annually through our B.Sc. program in Computational Science.

The computational science program, which covers all basic scientific disciplines including biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics but provides programming and numerical skills as well, helping to serve the needs of the country by providing young scientists and supporting basic research in computational science in Thailand.

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DPST Overview


The Development and Promotion of Science and Technology Talents Project (DPST), was officially established in 1984. The program is designed to attract high calibre Thai students to study mathematics, science, and technology and to promote and develop them as researchers. The scholarship supports students from Grade 10 up to the doctoral level, and for the first two years of employment. After almost three decades, it is evident that the DPST project is a great success helping scholars to discover and develop their interests. DPST graduates have received many distinguished awards, including: 16 New-Scientist awards, 4 L’OREAL for Women in Science awards, 1 UNESCO L’OREAL Fellowship for young woman in a life science, 2 New-Technologist awards, 2 International junior scientist awards, 1 New-Researcher award, 5 Best-Research awards.


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A list of the benefits of a DPST scholarship is given below:
• Financial support for tuition fees, academic activity fees, textbooks and handbooks, computers, conferences and research funding.
• Living expenses.
• Opportunities for Further Study:
    ° To study for a B.Sc. degree at DPST designated university centers.
    ° To study for a B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree at world-class universities abroad.
    ° Students have the opportunity to participate in the Summer Science Camp and other science activities held in Thailand and/or abroad.
• Career Prospects: All DPST graduates will be provided with positions in academia or government science, mathematics, and technology research and development centres.
• The DPST project will support the DPST Graduate Grantees by:
    ° Providing initial research funding and professional training.
    ° Providing financial support and/or scientific equipment needed to perform research
    ° Promoting scientific and technological careers by striving to increase their status.
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